Mind Over Mood: A 7-week Course in Regulating Emotions–and Not Letting Them Regulate You

Did You Know…

Your brain believes everything you think even if it is not true. In fact, your brain relies upon you–your mind and spirit–to provide only true thoughts to respond effective to the world around you.

Think of how a movie can make you feel scared, or angry or sad–despite the fact that you now that the events you are seeing are made up, not real. But the emotions those mistaken or manipulated thoughts create are very real.

At the same time, the feelings also make it very difficult to think about anything not consistent with those emotions. Just as feelings of love and romance make us see the best in our sweetheart, it is difficult to see anything positive in the world when we are feeling miserable.

So negative thoughts lead to negative feelings, and negative feelings lead to more negative thoughts. it’s like a horrible merry-go-round. your brain isn’t broken–it is working just fine. the problem is that your mind is sending your brain the wrong message! Think of it more like “operator error” rather than owning “lousy equipment”.

About 10% of U.S. adults will experience depression this year. Of those, most will have recurring episodes throughout their lives. 30 episodes in a lifetime is common.

8 – 12% will have had panic attacks within the past 6 months.

The Good News: You can change you  mind.

One of the most important and hopeful truths of all is that we change our thoughts in ways that help us to feel better right away. In our fun, energetic workshops we learn simple, practical ways to

  • Stop and “push the pause button” when we notice feeling miserable.
  • Identify the thoughts that contribute to feeling badly.
  • Decide whether those thoughts are entirely true or need to be changed.
  • Replace thoughts with others that are both more true and positive.
  • Overcome long-standing patterns of negative thinking.
  • Interrupt patterns of thinking and feeling that would otherwise leave us in a rotten mood, and lead us to say or do things we might regret.