Do You Really Want to Be Neutered?

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by Sarah Kerns

This week I’m focusing on the importance of knowing your gender. Since there is so many “politically correct” ways to talk about your gender, it’s getting to the point of complete confusion!

Each of these stories and incidents are part and parcel of a broader movement towards the creation of a “gender neutral” society- one that views a “binary construct” (male/female, man/woman) as archaic and even dangerous. It is an effort to mainstream every type of gender confusion and sexual behavior – no matter how dysfunctional and destructive – by convincing the general population that these deviations are just a variation of “normal.”

There is now a new vocabulary of terms and definitions for gender.

Birth sex – your genitals

Gender identity – who you are

Sexual orientation – who you are romantically and sexually attracted to

Gender expression – what you do, what you wear and how you act

Gender Variant – when you run into resistance because you don’t fit the expectations of others

Transgender or Trans – an umbrella term used to describe those who challenge social gender norms

Sex vs. Gender

*   Sex is a biologic concept referring to the biologically based presumption of reproductive capability. Sex is assigned at birth based upon the visual assessment of the baby’s genitalia.

*   Gender is the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women. Gender is a social construct that varies over time, ethnicity, and culture.

Gender Continuum

*   There is a continuum for gender (evidenced by the transgender population)

*   The binary understanding says that there are men on one side of the continuum and women at the other end. Yet there is a broad middle space on the continuum between male and female that is filled with unimaginable diversity! [emphasis not ours]

Gender-creative children – children, which includes the transgendered, who feel born in the wrong bodies, and gender hybrids, who feel they are part girl and part boy and gender “smoothies,” who have a blended sense of gender that is purely “them.”

Social transition – the outward change in appearance and/or presentation that one may undergo in order to express their gender identity. This may include dress, hairstyle, name change and pronoun changes.

Medical Transition – Undergoing medical intervention(s) to alter physical/sexual characteristics of one’s body in order to affirm gender identity. This includes Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and surgery.

I don’t know about you, but I am beyond confused now! Not only that, but what is being taught at school is even more frightening.

In May, the children at Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland, California, received lessons on gender identity and expression with a curriculum developed by an activist group, Gender Spectrum, and funded by a grant from the California Teachers Association.   School children were taught, among other things, that they can decide whether they are a boy, a girl, or both.   Anxious parents and other critics insisted that the elementary school children were not being taught diversity, but instead were being taught gender confusion. With the California Teachers Association behind this program, we can assume that it will be rolled out to other elementary schools in California.

Dale O’Leary is an expert in gender-identity issues. He point out:

Granting special rights to the [gender confused] would mean that the refusal to change a license or other documents of male (with or without surgery) to female would be a human rights abuse. Using the biologically correct pronouns would be discrimination. Men dressed as women could demand the right to use women’s facilities. Health plans could be forced to pay for expensive surgical alterations. Schools would be forced to teach a pro-transgendered agenda and accept transsexual teachers.

Treatment of children with GID [Gender Identity Disorder] would be banned, even though it can successfully prevent a transsexual outcome. Contrary views would be considered hate speech. Freedom of religion and speech would be undermined. Compassion for those with psychological disorders does not require society to protect disorder.




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