A Positive Abortion?

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by Sarah Kerns

I was just reading an article about a “Positive Abortion Story”. I will warn you, if you click on the link going to the post, it can be graphic. I am appalled by this. A girl named Emily Letts takes a video of her getting an abortion to show that they all don’t have to be bad. Matt Walsh, who wrote this blog piece on her said,

The video then jumps forward a few days, and treats us to Emily’s reflections on how the slaughter of her child has positively impacted her life. In perhaps the most bizarre and unsettling part of the entire bizarre and unsettling video, she says this:

“I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby. I can make a life. I knew what I was doing was right because it was right for me, and no one else.”

The last sentence perfectly encapsulates the entire philosophy of American ‘progressivism.’ I know what I’m doing is right, because it’s right for me. One day, I believe that phrase will be the epithet on the tombstone of modern culture. (http://themattwalshblog.com/2014/05/07/this-is-my-positive-abortion-story/#fF37bFHcrL4Eit6c.99)

He goes on to say;

All abortion advocacy is extremism. It is impossible to be moderately in favor of abortion, just as it is impossible to be moderately opposed to it. Seeking a middle ground on abortion is like searching for a middle ground on slavery or genocide. It doesn’t exist, and those who wish to find it will inevitably end up in favor, and those in favor of murderous atrocities are always extremely in favor of murderous atrocities.

I want to talk about how most abortion is in fact negative, even though she ‘claims’ it was positive. I like how Matt Walsh says that her act of smiling throughout the whole procedure is a little ‘psychotic’. I wanted to bring the facts in. A study based on the long-term psycho-social effects of abortion were conducted on women in the New Bioethics in 2012. In the article it says,

Some experienced persistent negative reactions to the abortion that remained ongoing for years; others were postivie or neutral immediately post-abortion but experienced varying negative reactions some time later. A few had some positive experiences later on and four felt it was the right decision at the time, but ALL expressed sadness or/or regret of some sort. (2012).

Even those who thought it was an amazing thing, experienced sadness later on. In the video she has an update about a month later. Sometimes those effects take longer, because they do happen. Of the people I know who have gotten them, they are deeply saddened and not only that but are scared now that they want children that they won’t be able to. Abortion can cause infertility. A study done on Nigerian women, they had a total of 693 women who recounted 1114 personal abortion experiences. Of the 693 women, 233 had fertility problems. “Study statistics show that 37% of secondary infertitlity was most probably the result of induced abortion.” (2010).

What I’m trying to convey in this post, is that most abortions are not positive and even of the people who say they are, down the road, they aren’t. Not only does it harm an unborn baby, but it can make it harder in the future to have children if you wanted to.


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